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Redstone 1 - USA
Coal Sequestration Project


This sequestration project of commercially mineable coal may ultimately sequester over 60 million tons of commercially desirable bituminous coal resources which will keep a significant amount of CO2 in the ground and out of the atmosphere.


The Redstone 1 Coal Project has washed/dry BTU per pound values that range from 12,485 to 13,243. Additional direct benefits include the elimination of the electricity and fuel used in direct and indirect mining operations as well as the carbon based fuel needed to transport the coal to global markets.


Article 4, Section 7 of the Paris Agreement states “Mitigation co-benefits resulting from Parties' adaptation actions and/or economic diversification plans can contribute to mitigation outcomes under this Article.” Co-benefits is defined as any positive impacts, other than direct GHG emissions mitigation, resulting from carbon offset projects. 

Permanently sequestering coal produces a significant number of co-benefits. With coal combustion resulting in the production of CO2 from carbon that was previously sequestered underground, CO2 accounts for the vast majority (98%-99%by weight) of the total GHG emissions from burning coal.  In addition to the preservation of carbon sinks and the permanent CO2 sequestration, these sequestered coal co-benefits include but are not limited to the following list:

  • Reduction in other major air emissions including SOx, NOx, CH4, and CO 

  • Elimination of ammonium nitrate pollution

  • Elimination of most coal mine methane emissions

  • Prevention of destruction of grassland and/or forests

  • Elimination of Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions associated with production and transportation of coal

  • Preservation of landscapes and wildlife habitats

  • Reduction of air, noise, and dust pollution

  • Reduction of mine Infrastructure needs

  • Elimination of solid waste

  • Elimination of arsenic and mercury pollution

  • Reduction in soil erosion

  • Conservation of ground and surface water


Redstone 1: Project Area Map

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