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Vanquish Carbon Advisors is a U.S. developer of large-scale, engineering-based emissions offset credits.  Vanquish Carbon originated the methodology to keep coal in the ground. The Vanquish Carbon process keeps coal generated CO2 and other GHGs emitted from ever entering the atmosphere by preserving ancient coal sinks. Our 100-year offsets follow U.S. Securities Exchange Commission resource volume and reporting standards and have significant co-benefits including coal mine methane release reductions. 
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Jimmy Berry

Jimmy currently serves as President of the environmentally conscience Buckhorn Waste Services, LLC. Jimmy also serves as a Vice President of Quintana Capital Group.   Jimmy brings more than fifteen years of energy-related corporate finance experience and currently serves on the board of Buckhorn Waste Services and Quality Magnetite.  Prior to joining Buckhorn and Quintana, Jimmy worked for GulfStar Group, a boutique investment bank in Houston, Texas.  Jimmy received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a Business Foundations Certification from The University of Texas at Austin.

Kip Ferguson

Kip has served on several public executive teams and Board of Directors. Kip is an expert in land and mineral evaluations, acquisitions, and divestitures. Recently, Kip served as the Executive Vice President of Exploration for NYSE listed Magnum Hunter Resources Corporation and as President of Eagle Ford Hunter Resources, Inc., 2009 – 2014. Kip received a Bachelor of Science in Geology from The University of Texas at Austin.

Preston Bornman

Preston is the creator of the Vanquish Carbon Model and brand, Previously, he was the CMO of a defense contractor, President/COO/CMO of an integrated media marketing business network, President/COO of an upstream energy business, and an Executive Management Consultant. Preston also founded a US cable sports network.  Preston received a Bachelor of Arts in Geology and Anthropology  from Southern Methodist University.

Let's Keep It In The Ground
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